Reconsidering the role of the audience in new musical expressions

This thesis is situated in a research line aiming at rethinking music making and listening with new technologies. Novel interfaces for music performance are making this activity more affordable, simple and intuitive. The performance is no longer controlled on a note-to-note level: the musician operates on higher-level musical structures. However, this shift is changing the relation with the audience, which is often given no clear ways to understand the performance. The student will start investigating the audience reaction during live events involving new devices, will propose possible design solutions to increase the perception of the audience using multi-sensorial feedbacks, and will develop a working prototype. Given the size of the project, the possibility of being taken forward by two students can be discussed.

Designing a new interactive system for children

This thesis is part of Inf@nzia Digi.TALES 3.6, a national project about reconsidering the role of technology in ludic and learning activities for children from 3 to 6. We are currently developing new interactive experiences to foster children creativity and to introduce them to music listening. After reviewing existing pedagogical approaches, the student will design and prototype a new interface for ludic activities for children. The specific objective will be discussed with the student, who will either develop an ad-hoc tangible device (using for instance and Arduino controller), or a tablet application. This decision will be partially influenced by the candidates’ programming competences.